EBJC is very grateful to the wonderful volunteers that keep our community going.  Our volunteers are dedicated and resourceful.  There is no age restriction as we have volunteers from 14 to 89!  There is no job too large or too small.  If you which to volunteer for a small event, we are happy to have you!  If you wish to run and chair a program, we are happy to have you!  If you wish to sit on a committee or be a part of our Board of Directors, we are happy to have you!  If you have a particular area of interest or a specific skill, please let us know how you can help.  It is always appreciated!

    General Areas to Volunteer
  • Please tell us what type of skills you have or areas that you like to help out.
  • When are you available to help - and about how many hours can you help. Please let us also know of any other significant time restrictions we should be aware of.
  • What is your name?
  • Phone number (and best time to call)

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