Please make your EBJC Membership and EBCJ School payments here, whether a one time payment or recurring payments.

Donations can be specified by clicking here to go to the Donations page.

Do you own stock that has appreciated in value and you are thinking of selling?

If you donate the stock to EBJC to pay your dues, Kol Nidre pledge, etc. you may be able to receive a charitable contribution deduction without incurring the capital gains tax.

It’s as simple as sending a one-page instruction to your broker to transfer the shares to the EBJC brokerage account.  For any specific questions about stock donations, call your tax professional.  For general questions, you can contact Raymond Sasson at (732) 257-7070 or Dov Pollak at (732) 257-0049.

 Credit Card Payments cost EBJC about 2.5%. It will be most appreciated if you use the check payment option instead of Credit Card.

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