Projects Needing Your Help – Time and/or Money

EBJC has great ambitions – but, limited resources.  Here are some things we need now.    We can really use your help.   Plus, if you think of other things please let us know as we’re always looking to improve:

Some Details

Vending Machines
We need to evaluate options and purchase a vending machines to provide beverages to people on the EBJC campus.

Re-finish  the hardwood floor in Kroll Ballroom
Donation Needed

Kesher Marketing
Thank You to Ari Lopatin for donating his time and skills.

Fund Raising Events
People needed to manage and work our fund raising events.

Google Docs Setup
“Techie” needed to setup process to manage our Google Docs 

MS Server Manager
Very temporary position.   Skilled person needed to re-configure our network to remove our dependence upon an outdated MS Server which we are attempting to permanently shut down.