Grades 6-7

Kesher_ 400 wideKitah Vav (Sixth Grade) & Kitah Zayin (Seventh Grade)

Meets Sundays, 9:00-11:30 am & Wednesdays, 4:15-6:15 pm


Kitah Vav’s core curriculum is Holocaust and Heroism. Learners learn about the Holocaust in an age-appropriate curriculum from the stories of young people who survived and the upstanders who helped them. Through online discussions and engaging activities, learners gain a personal connection to history and explore issues of ethics and personal responsibility.

Kitan Zayin’s core curriculum focuses on Life Cycle Events and how Judaism recognzies and celebrates them. In the year of bar/bat mitzvah, learners study what mitzvot are, as well as practical and creative suggestions on how to observe them. Learners explore the wisdom of Jewish sacred texts and examine through a Jewish lens the kind of adults they want to become and how the practice of mitzvot can help them achieve their goals.

Chugim are electives for learners in Vav and Zayin (6th and 7th grades). Each semester, learners will choose two classes of interest to them. Sessions meet on Wednesdays from 4:15 to 5:00 pm and from 5:30 to 6:15 pm. Previous Chugim have included:

  • Portable Judaism: Investigate various Judaic items that have been transported by the Jewish people for many, many years and create portable Judaic memorabilia that you can bring home and share with your family
  • Jews & Food: Study the laws of kashrut and enjoy cooking foods from Jewish cultures around the world
  • American Jews/Jewish Americans: Learn about historic and contemporary famous Jewish Americans as well as your personal history to find similarities
  • Torah Reading: Learn the ancient trop cantillation and how to chant Torah, then put theory into practice reading Torah during youth services
  • Jews Around the World: Explore the art, music, cuisine, culture, and history of different diaspora Jewish communities from around the world
  • Israeli Dancing: Become part of a dance troupe, learn ancient and modern dances, and experience Judaism in a whole new way
  • Creative Writing: Through poetry, drama, short stories, memoirs, and so on, create a collection of personal explorations of Judaism in various genres
  • Book Club: Read and discuss books with Jewish themes, characters, or topics
  • You Be the Judge: Explore and debate ethical issues from a Jewish perspective
  • Jewish History: Understand the timeline of Jewish history by placing Torah stories, holidays, and historical events in chronological context
  • Beyond the Bible: Learn about the Prophets that make up the Haftarot read each Shabbat and holiday


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