Men’s Club

For information on the upcoming family ping pong event on December 24, click here.

The EBJC’s Men’s Club is affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, whose mission is to involve men in Jewish life.

We sponsor numerous events throughout the year which enrich the EBJC family including

  • forums for political candidates
  • programs that promote the fiscal and physical health of our members
  • religious programs like the Federation’s World Wide Wrap as well as other annual events like the Men’s Club Shabbat/Scholar-in-Residence Program, our Father/Child Shabbat, our L’Shana Tova Baskets, and our Yom Hashoah Candle Program where we distribute yellow candles to memorialize the שֹׁואָה.

We raise money for worthy causes both within the EBJC, where we recently paid to restore one of our Sefri Torah, and in the larger community, where we support efforts to care for those affected by natural disasters.

We work closely with the EBJC Board of Directors and with other arms of the synagogue to run joint programs and regularly honor members who have contributed to the EBJC in order to bring the community together.

During the spring and summer months we plant and maintain a community garden to feed the hungry.

And, we must not forget, we sponsor and participate in activities like Scotch and Steak in the Succah!, sports and fishing, all of which enable us to relate to each other as men.

The Mens’ Club is open to all male members of the EBJC aged 18 and over. For more information about the EBJC Men’s Club or to express your interest in becoming involved, please contact the synagogue office.

For a listing of our upcoming events click here.

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