Investing in our future with Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has become widely available and serves many beneficial purposes in healthcare. For examples, Tay Sachs diseease has been virtually eliminated due to screening programs, but every generation needs to get re-screened not just for Tay Sachs but many other disorders more common for Jewish individuals. Many doctors don’t order the tests unless the patient asks for them. Unfortunately, there are still many out there who are too complacent, and make the excuse that it’s too expensive or unpleasant to talk about. Community outreach and education is crucial. New protocols for preconception genetic screening should be created by all OB/GYN practices. Women as well as men should be tested for the BRCA mutation to reduce their chances of developing cancer.

Please join us on May 15, 2018 – 7 pm at the East Brunswick Jewish Center, where you will have the opportunity to learn and understand why genetic testing is so critical for our future. This education seminar is for adults of all ages because genetic testing is of value for different reasons at different points across the lifespan. We will have Elena Ashkinadze, the senior genetic counselor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School leading the discussion, as well as Sherry Grumet who is the chief medical geneticist at the Monmouth Medical Center High Risk Cancer Program. We will also have eyewitness accounts of what can happen when these issues are not taken seriously.

This seminar will have follow-up screening sessions with dates to be announced.

Please call 732-257-7070 or register below for this free event.

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